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Electric scooters have been around for over twenty years. Even so, they have only taken the market by storm in recent years. Electric scooters offer a socially responsible and economical means of transportation. 

They serve as a key element of “micro-mobility” known for promoting battery-powered transport vehicles weighing no more than 500 kg at max, operating at a speed of up to 25km/h or 15mph. 

Accessories for Electric Scooters

Considering the small size of the vehicle and the minimalist design, certain accessories need to be attached to the scooter. This makes the ride a little more comfortable and convenient for the rider. Three of the most commonly used electric scooter accessories and their uses are given as under:

Riding an electronic scooter can be just as dangerous as riding any other vehicle. Despite it being battery operated and lighter in size, without using proper protective gear, you could get hurt. Helmets are the most basic and critical accessory you need for riding an electric scooter. They make it safer for you to travel.

Phone Holders
Electric scooters don't usually come with a built-in space to keep cellphones in. Hence, a phone holder accessory could go a long way in keeping your phone safe during the ride. A phone holder does not cost much and is connected to the handlebar. It keeps your phone in place while you drive; thus, saving it from any unwanted mishaps.

Scooter Carrying Bags
The electric scooters are neither as big nor as heavy as a motorbike. They can easily be carried from place to place in a scooter carrying bag. Scooter carrying bags are easier to carry and do not take much space. The carrying bags can be used to safely keep your scooter out of harm’s way when not in use.


Replacement Parts for Electric Scooters

Like many other vehicles or electronic devices, replacement parts are crucial to the survival of electric scooters. Accidents happen and should your scooter be damaged, you will have to replace the damaged parts with the new ones. Therefore, keeping a few spare parts in store might be a wise idea. Additionally, three of the most essential parts of an electric scooter are given as under:

Electric Scooter Wheels
A malfunctioning wheel would destroy any plans you might have of going out. Without fully functional wheels, you can forget about using your electric scooter. Thus, keeping a spare set of wheels is a must.

Batteries are the lifeforce of your electric scooter. They are as crucial to its overall health and functionality as oxygen, water, and food are to ours. Most of us are used to keeping a spare set of batteries or cells for many of our devices.

Similarly, keeping spare batteries for your electric scooter might prove to be quite useful in the future.  Should the existing batteries die or stop working all of a sudden, you could easily replace them.

Electric Scooter Tires
A tire can be considered to be the most vulnerable part of a vehicle. It is one of the three most essential parts of an electric scooter; the other two being wheels and batteries. All three of them are dependent on one another.

Your scooter won't work without functional batteries even if the wheels and tires are fine. The same goes for a scooter with fully functional batteries and tires but malfunctioning wheels. Similarly, a scooter with functional wheels and batteries but punctured or damaged tires is no exception.

When all is said and done, micro-mobility is the future of transportation. Moreover, electric scooters are already rising in popularity due to the convenience they offer.

Therefore, investing in an electric scooter is a wise decision. Not only will you not have to worry about being stuck in traffic, but your transportation expenses would also go down to a considerable extent.

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